J.D. Williams

Photo of J.D. Williams
Senior International and Defense Policy Researcher
Washington Office


MS in strategic intelligence, National Intelligence University; BA in history, Cornell University


J.D. Williams is a senior defense policy researcher at RAND focusing on national security, intelligence, and military issues. He came to RAND from the National Intelligence Council where he served as the National Intelligence Officer for Military Issues, preparing national intelligence assessments on foreign military forces and strategies, ongoing conflicts, weapons systems, and future warfare.

Previously, he held senior positions in the intelligence community as the Research Director for the Defense Intelligence Agency's analytic directorate, the Chief of Intelligence Support for the Department of the Treasury, Director of Military Plans and Operations at the National Security Agency. He is also a retired Marine Corps colonel with 26 years of active duty as an intelligence and Russian Foreign Area Officer.

Previous Positions

National Intelligence Manager/National Intelligence Officer for Military Issues, National Intelligence Council; Research Director, Analysis Directorate, Defense Intelligence Agency

Selected Publications

JD Williams, "Launch on Warning in Soviet Nuclear Strategy," Air University Review, 1986

LtCol JD Williams (Principal Author), Marine Corps Concept Paper: Sustained Operations Ashore, Marine Corps Combat Development Command, 1998

John Schmitt & LtCol JD Williams, Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication 2: Intelligence, Marine Corps Combat Development Command, 1997

Honors & Awards

  • Distinguished Graduate, Marine Corps War College