Yuna Huh Wong

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Policy Researcher
Washington Office


Ph.D. in policy analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School; M.A. in political science, Columbia University; B.S. in political science and economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Yuna Huh Wong is a policy researcher whose work includes wargaming human-machine collaboration and manned-unmanned teaming in the Third Offset; surveying wargaming tools and approaches in support of Marine Corps wargaming; Army satellite bandwidth demand to support training; developing capacity metrics for Marine Corps wargaming; and developing scenarios using future trends for the Air Force. She is also a professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School.

Methodological areas of interest include scenario development, futures methods, multi-method approaches, wargaming, problem-structuring methods, and applied social science. She was previously an operations research analysis for Marine Corps. Her work there included joint scenarios and studies, interagency approaches, analyses for irregular warfare, and various Marine Corps topics such as civil affairs and enlisted professional military education.

She holds a Ph.D. in policy analysis from the Pardee RAND Graduate School, where her dissertation was on non-combatants in urban operations and in military models and simulations. She has a M.A. in political science from Columbia University and a B.S. in economics and a B.S. political science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Previous Positions

Board of Directors, Military Operations Research Society; Operations Research Analyst, Marine Corps Combat Development & Integration

Recent Projects

  • National Defense Strategy Wargame
  • NATO Military Strategy Game
  • Support to Marine Corps Wargaming Center Analysis of Alternatives
  • Recommendations on Wargaming Operations in the Information Environment
  • Options for Human Machine Collaboration and Combat Teaming


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