Stanton Nuclear Security Fellows Program Application

The application period for 2024–2025 is closed.

Dear applicant: Please complete and submit the form below as part of your application.

In addition, the following material will be required:

  1. Current curriculum vitae. (The CV should include information on educational and professional employment experience and should list all publications, papers, and presentations to professional societies.)
  2. Two (2) letters of recommendation. (On the Recommendation Form, complete your section at the top and forward to your recommenders. Please instruct your recommenders to complete the bottom portion of the form and submit it along with their letter of recommendation to Ms. Sarah Harting, at
  3. Personal statement. (This statement should include long-term career goals. The statement should not exceed 250 words.)
  4. Project proposal. (This proposal should include details on the proposal topic, methodology, assumptions, potential findings, and likely policy recommendations. The proposal should not exceed 500 words.)
  5. Dissertation excerpt (doctoral candidates only). (Please include at least three chapters from your dissertation that have been approved by your advisor.)

Please submit all these supporting materials to Ms. Sarah Harting at

If you prefer to submit a hard copy of the application instead of using the form below, a printable PDF application is available.