The Intellectual Life and Legacy of James Q. Wilson


James Q. Wilson, one of the past century's most honored and influential thoughtleaders, left an indelible mark on American government and civil society. His books, papers, articles, and essays will be on permanent display at the library of the RAND Corporation, where he served both as a longtime trustee and member of the Pardee RAND Graduate School Board of Governors.

Wilson's seminal scholarship on a range of critical issues—including crime, justice, policing, drug policy, marriage and family, politics, and institutional bureaucracy—resonates to this day, through his words, his public service, and his lifelong commitment to teaching. In this event, several of his former students share their thoughts on Wilson's legacy and his enduring impact on public policy.

Featured Speakers

Pietro S. Nivola, Senior Fellow
Brookings Institution

R. Shep Melnick, Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Professor of American Politics
Boston College

Angela Hawken, Associate Professor of Economics and Policy Analysis
School of Public Policy at Pepperdine University

Susan L. Marquis, Dean, Pardee RAND Graduate School; Vice President, Innovation; Distinguished Chair in Policy Analysis
RAND Corporation