Navigating Turmoil in the Middle East

The United States has been working hard to broker deals in the Middle East that will halt Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions, create a groundbreaking Israeli-Palestinian agreement, and launch a political process to end the civil war in Syria. But these efforts are complicated by a region in the midst of continuing turbulent upheavals and violence in Egypt, Libya, and Lebanon; new flare-ups in Iraq; and the destabilization caused by the catastrophic civil war and refugee crisis in Syria. Join us to make sense of the latest headlines and weigh the prospects of success for U.S. diplomats working to navigate the region's many hot spots.

Featured Speakers

Dalia Dassa Kaye
Director, RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy

Aaron David Miller
Vice President for New Initiatives and Distinguished Scholar, The Wilson Center

Nicholas Goldberg (moderator)
Editor of the Editorial Pages, Los Angeles Times