Artificial Intelligence Applications Supporting Federal Agencies

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October 28, 2022

RAND senior policy researcher Daniel M. Gerstein moderates a panel on artificial intelligence applications supporting federal agencies during the October 28, 2022 Homeland Security and Defense Forum (HSDF). The theme of the forum was "Artificial Intelligence: Advancing Government Security Missions." Gerstein is former DHS Deputy Under Secretary and Acting DHS Under Secretary for Science and Technology.

Panelists discussed topics including the uses of artificial intelligence, how the U.S. federal government can best work with the private sector, ways to help grow public understanding of artificial intelligence and its importance, and others.


Mr. Nathan Manzotti, Director of Data and Analytics, GSA IT Centers of Excellence

Dr. Ellen Voorhees, Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Ms. Gretchen Stewart, Chief Data Scientist, Intel Public Sector

Dr. Daniel Gerstein (moderator), senior policy researcher, The RAND Corporation