Letter from the Editor

In this issue of RAND Health Quarterly, Nowak et al. examine the likely effects of the Affordable Care Act on average annual consumer health care spending and the risk of catastrophic medical costs for the United States overall and in two large states that have decided not to expand their Medicaid programs (Texas and Florida). A study by Friedberg et al. identifies factors affecting physician professional satisfaction and their implications for patient care, health systems, and health policy. The authors sought to identify high-priority determinants of satisfaction that can be targeted within a variety of practice types, especially as smaller and independent practices are purchased by or become affiliated with hospitals and larger delivery systems.

Four studies in this issue examine the effects of different types of fitness on resilience: medical fitness, physical fitness, social fitness, and spiritual fitness. The studies are part of a series designed to support Air Force leaders in promoting resilience among its Airmen, civilian employees, and Air Force family members.

Three other studies focus on a proposed framework for developing new, more comprehensive estimates of the costs of opioid dependence; a survey of the health and well-being of private contractors working in conflict environments; and an assessment of biosurveillance in the U.S. Department of Defense.

Andrew W. Mulcahy, Ph.D., M.P.P., Editor

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