Letter from the Editor

This issue of RAND Health Quarterly has a strong focus on health care delivery, quality, and patient safety. Five articles highlight innovative models and best practices for local health departments' involvement in Affordable Care Act outreach and enrollment in Boston and Massachusetts, Illinois, New Orleans, Tacoma–Pierce County in Washington, and West Virginia. A RAND Europe study investigates the decisionmaking process used by by physicians when prescribing treatment for Hepatitis C.

In health promotion and disease prevention, a study led by Marco Hafner examined the economic burden of insufficient sleep across five different OECD countries. Another study summarizes more than a decade of research on how well neighborhood parks in Los Angeles support physical activity.

In health policy and health economics, a team led by Soeren Mattke analyzed the role of payments for involuntary out-of-network care on New Jersey hospitals' financial performance. Mark Friedberg and colleagues projected the effects that various policy options could have on Washington State's rural primary care workforce through 2025. Lucy Strang and Miriam Broeks examined maternity and parental leave provision across European Union countries and its potential impact on the breastfeeding of very young babies (up to 6 months).

In mental health, a RAND Europe team evaluated computerized cognitive behavioural therapy interventions. In military health, Nicole Eberhart and colleagues evaluated a new model of behavioral health care that provides colocated and coordinated care for veterans and their families. And in research methods, a team led by Susan Guthrie shares 100 metrics for assessing the value of biomedical research.

Lisa S. Meredith, Ph.D., Editor

RAND Health Quarterly is produced by the RAND Corporation. ISSN 2162-8254.