Letter from the Editor

This issue of RAND Health Quarterly includes three articles on health care delivery, quality, and patient safety. Maria Orlando Edelen led a team that developed and tested items for post-acute care patient assessment instruments for Medicare beneficiaries. Grant Martsolf and colleagues reviewed case studies of three nurse-designed care models that help foster a culture of health. A team led by Sonja Marjanovic examined health data ecosystems.

In health promotion and disease prevention, a team led by Laurie T. Martin interviewed Culture of Health stakeholders whose work focused on culture, incentives, or both to learn how organizations are addressing and leveraging culture and incentives to promote health and well-being. Joanna Hofman and others investigated the impact of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter in England.

In military health, a group led by Sean Robson described a methodology for establishing physical fitness standards for four Air Force occupational specialties. Terri Tanielian and other researchers document the construction and elements of a research blueprint to inform future efforts to improve support for military and veteran caregivers.

In health policy and health economics, Emilie Balbirnie and a large team assessed the degree of implementation of the EU Drugs Strategy 2013-2020 and the Action Plan 2013-2016 in all 28 EU member states. And in mental health, Lisa Sontag-Padilla led a team that continued RAND's research for the California Mental Health Services Authority, this time focusing on the impact of the Authority's activities on college students' receipt of information about mental health issues and support services.

Lisa S. Meredith, Ph.D., Editor

RAND Health Quarterly is produced by the RAND Corporation. ISSN 2162-8254.