Letter from the Editor

This issue of RAND Health Quarterly includes a selection of articles on the coronavirus pandemic. Michael S. Pollard and Lois M. Davis assessed changes in levels of trust in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during the pandemic. Florian F. Schmitzberger and other RAND researchers identified strategies to boost COVID-19 vaccine acceptance in the United States. Luke J. Matthews led a team that identified messaging strategies for mitigating COVID-19 through vaccination and nonpharmaceutical interventions.

This issue also includes a number of articles on health care delivery, quality, and patient safety. A team led by Preethi Rao gathered information on how health care prices are set, price variation in health care markets, barriers to price and quality transparency for consumers, and the extent to which price and quality information is used in marketing efforts. Andrew Mulcahy and Vishnupriya Kareddy describe the stakeholders involved in prescription drug supply chains and the flows of products, payments, and information between stakeholders. Marco Hafner and others examined the potential impact in Canada of continued, long-term use of telemedicine.

Lisa S. Meredith, Ph.D., Editor

RAND Health Quarterly is produced by the RAND Corporation. ISSN 2162-8254.