Getting to Outcomes: Summary

This chapter briefly summarizes the ten steps of GTO and suggests that you complete any steps you may have skipped earlier.

You have completed the Getting To Outcomes® Guide for Community Emergency Preparedness. We hope you found this guide useful as you planned for successful implementation of a program or initiative in your community.

By working through this guide, you have learned that the ten steps of GTO are interrelated; much of the content in each step is used to inform the activities for subsequent steps. If you skipped any of the steps, consider a review of those steps and complete the associated tools to ensure that you have a solid plan for implementing the program.

Although fully completing the activities and tools provided in this guide will make your program more successful the first time, GTO is a continuous process. The next implementation will be enhanced by an ongoing review of the past implementation, using the process outlined in Step 9. Ultimately, the GTO process leads to strong program outcomes and will benefit the staff and participants in your program.