RAND Survey Research Group

Dedicated to high-quality survey operations, RAND Survey Research Group (SRG) was established in 1972 to ensure that the quality of RAND survey data would be as high as the quality of RAND's research analyses. Over the past 30 years, SRG has become known for innovative survey planning, data collection, and methodological research. Until 1992, SRG worked exclusively with RAND projects. We have since expanded to provide our professional service to outside clients as well.

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What We Do

General Population Surveys

SRG conducts general population surveys of all kinds and is experienced with interviewing subsets of the general population such as the elderly, Medicaid recipients, and families with small children.

Special Population Surveys

  • SRG performs multi-lingual and cross-cultural surveys and specializes in difficult or hard-to-reach populations of all types including the homeless, the mentally ill, and drug users.
  • SRG works with statisticians and others to design and conduct probability sample surveys of populations that are difficult to enumerate and sample in traditional ways. Previous surveys have included probability samples of HIV+ adults, street prostitutes, and gay and bisexual men.
  • SRG collects data from groups that are difficult to engage in completing surveys (often termed "elites"). For example, SRG has carried out surveys of CEOs, physicians, health care executives, and corporate counsels.

Stakeholder Participation in Data Collection

SRG is experienced in working with community and other stakeholder groups as part of the data collection process.

Collaboration with Diverse Organizations

SRG has extensive experience conducting data collection with many types of organizations, including health care providers, private industry, nonprofit organizations, public utilities, the military, schools, courts, prisons and jails.

International Data Collection

SRG pairs with other survey organizations to conduct data collection in southeast Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean. We accomplish many different kinds of work ourselves, but in some cases, after a preliminary needs assessment, we may advise that another firm could do your work more cost-effectively or appropriately than we could. If that is the case, we can advise on how to contract for this work and effectively monitor quality and cost. We also assist clients with trouble-shooting problem data collection efforts.

What Can SRG Do for You?

RAND SRG can work with you throughout the survey process with survey planning, data collection, and data analysis. This includes:


  • Help you to decide the most efficient means of data collection for your specific project's needs.
  • Design a sampling plan.
  • Design and pilot test questionnaires and other kinds of data collection instruments.
  • Plan, budget, and schedule a successful field effort.

Data Collection

  • Carry out your data collection and provide you with progress reports.
  • Collaborate on methodological studies as part of data collection.

Data Analysis

  • Prepare a clean data tape and documentation.
  • Provide a report on the methods and results of your data collection.
  • Provide an overview of your data.

Specific Tasks

RAND SRG can also conduct these specific tasks for your organization:

  • mail, telephone, personal interview, self-administered, and Internet surveys.
  • structured observations, cognitive interviews, and focus groups.
  • Delphi and other consensus processes and training sessions for data collection.
  • computerized interviews and combining interviews with other kinds of data collection including health exams, anthropometry, and the collection of clinical specimens.
  • records abstractions of health, education, justice, and other kinds of records systems.
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