About RAND Survey Research Group

RAND SRG includes a full-time, 40-person staff working in Santa Monica, California, and Washington, D.C. Survey directors and coordinators provide start-to-finish continuity for projects, with a single staff member taking responsibility for a project from initial design through delivery of a final product. The survey operations staff collaborates closely with the survey directors and coordinators to provide a project's operations needs--instrument layout, document production, data collection, coding, and data reduction, as well as cost control.

We have a computerized telephone interviewing center with the capability for remote monitoring by clients, as well as facilities for mail surveys, packet preparation, coding, and data entry. We also staff and carry out personal interviewing projects around the country and abroad.

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What's Unique About RAND Survey Research Group?

  • SRG works as a member of the Research Team
    RAND SRG works closely and flexibly with researchers to meet their needs for high-quality data at reasonable cost. We understand research goals and can design creative approaches to survey planning, data collection, and data analysis, always working as an integrated member of the project team.
  • SRG manages survey projects
    We manage data collection projects in a businesslike manner, allowing researchers to stay close to their data collection or to focus on other issues — it's their choice.
  • SRG does whatever is best for YOUR project
    We are accustomed to working on projects that we really care about — it's the only approach we know. We are committed to doing what is best for your project, using whatever approach is necessary.