RAND has explored, among other math-related topics, mathematics curricula in primary education and the role of mathematics in innovation, e.g., in the evaluation of new medical technologies or the development of methodologies such as game theory.

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    Graph Theoretic Algorithms for the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent Program

    The Ground Based Strategic Deterrent is a complete replacement for an aging intercontinental ballistic missile system that is currently under development. What are quantitative methods that can be used to make the unified certification process for nuclear systems more rigorous and efficient?

    Nov 8, 2021

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    How Well Do Math Teachers Follow Common Core State Standards?

    Teachers are eager to engage their students in Common Core State Standards for mathematics if they have the knowledge and tools they need to do so. They need access to high-quality instructional materials and help in distinguishing whether these materials are aligned with the standards.

    Aug 9, 2018

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