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Personalized learning refers to a broad set of strategies intended to make each student's educational experience responsive to his or her talents, interests, and needs. RAND's study of personalized learning for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation produced a series of publications from 2014 though 2017 that represents the largest and most rigorous body of research on personalized learning to date. Several related projects are underway.

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    How Well Are Students Taking Ownership of Learning Online?

    The Measuring and Improving Student-Centered Learning Toolkit lets high school leaders and teachers gather information about the extent to which student-centered learning is happening remotely now, and plan for improvements to student-centered learning in the future.

    Jun 8, 2020

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    High School Teachers' Perceptions and Use of Personalized Learning

    Technology-facilitated personalized learning approaches have become increasingly common in K–12 schools across the United States. How are high school teachers using personal learning practices? And which supports and resources do they need to use them effectively?

    Aug 10, 2020

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