Retail Health Care Clinics


Operating out of pharmacies, grocery stores, and "big box" stores, retail health clinics provide care for simple acute conditions, typically delivered by a nurse practitioner. RAND research examines all angles of this relatively new mode of care delivery, including the effect of retail clinics on preventive services, doctor-patient relationships, and costs.

  • A Kaiser Permanente health clinic opens up inside a Target retail department store in San Diego, California November 17, 2014

    Journal Article

    Retail Clinics May Increase Medical Spending, Rather Than Trim Costs

    Mar 7, 2016

    Retail clinics, seen as a convenient and cost-saving alternative to physician offices and hospital emergency departments, may actually drive up medical spending by creating demand for new medical services. They have become an attractive alternative to staying home and suffering through a minor illness.

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    Research Brief

    The Evolving Role of Retail Clinics

    Nov 10, 2016

    Retail clinics are playing a growing role in the health care marketplace. But they have also generated controversy. Research can provide a factual basis for assessing this new mode of care delivery.

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