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  • Members of the Iowa National Guard load vehicles during railhead operations at Camp Shelby, Miss., photo by Sean Taylor/U.S. Army


    Weighing the Trade-Offs of U.S. Military Interventions

    Dec 13, 2021

    Military interventions can be effective at advancing U.S. interests in some contexts and situations. But they can have the opposite effect in other cases, creating long-term entanglements and increasing economic and strategic costs without realizing U.S. objectives.

  • DA442C US Army soldiers bow their heads for prayer during Wrangler Day at Fort Hood June 28, 2013 in El Paso, Texas, photo by U.S. Army Photo/Alamy Stock Photo


    Forecasting Religious Affiliation in the United States Army

    Nov 29, 2021

    Changes in the religious composition of the United States could affect the religious composition of recruits into the U.S. Army. This, in turn, could significantly alter the religious needs of the Army population. How has the religious composition of enlisted soldiers and of officers changed over time?

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