Marygail Brauner, Ph.D., is a senior operations research analyst at RAND. Her research focuses on resource allocation to include financial implication of resource decisions. Currently, Brauner supports a project that is helping FEMA with developing methods for assessing Public Assistance requests from healthcare organization for COVID-19 expenses. She also contributes to a project on logistics support for Army robotic combat vehicles. Other recent research studies include developing cost models for rebuilding the electrical power grid in Puerto Rico; optimizing Army equipment inventory with respect to the long-term cost of inventory; identifying potential savings in the Department of Defense supply chain; and costing alternative approaches to achieving military medical readiness. Prior to joining RAND, Brauner taught quantitative methods at California State University, Northridge. She holds a Ph.D. in operations research from UCLA's School of Engineering as well as a BA and MA in mathematics from UCLA and an AB in biology from Stanford. She was a member of the Army Science Board and led three studies.


Ph.D. in engineering and operations research, University of California, Los Angeles; M.A. in mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles; A.B. in biological sciences, Stanford University

Concurrent Non-RAND Positions

Selected Work

  • Keating, Edward G.; Brauner, Marygail K.; Galway, Lionel A., "Air Force Medical Corps' Status and How Its Physicians Respond to Multiyear Special Pay," Military Medicine, 174(11), 2009
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  • Marygail K. Brauner, Hugh G. Massey, S. Craig Moore, Darren D. Medlin, Improving Development and Utilization of Air Force Intelligence Officers, RAND (TR-628), 2009
  • Folkeson, John R., Marygail K. Brauner, Improving the Army’s Management of Reparable Spare Parts, RAND Corporation (MG-205-A), 2005
  • Dumond, John, Marygail K. Brauner, Rick Eden, John R. Folkeson, Kenneth J. Girardini, Donna J. Keyser, Eric Peltz, Ellen M. Pint, and Mark Y.D. Wang, Velocity Management: The Business Paradigm That Has Transformed U.S. Army Logistics, RAND Corporation (MR-1108-A), 2001
  • Peltz, Eric, Marygail K. Brauner, Edward G. Keating, Evan Saltzman, Daniel Tremblay, and Patricia Boren, DoD Depot-Level Reparable Supply Chain Management: Process Effectiveness and Opportunities for Improvement, RAND Corporation (RR-398-OSD), 2014

Authored by Marygail K. Brauner

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