Edmund J. Burke

Photo of Edmund Burke
Senior International Defense Researcher
Washington Office


B.A. in government, Georgetown University


Ed Burke (he/him) is a senior international defense researcher at RAND and a professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. Burke’s work at RAND focuses primarily on military and security issues in East Asia including vulnerability methodologies and assessments, regional security competition in the military and information domains, and Chinese military strategy and doctrine. He also leads research efforts using satellite imagery as a primary data source.

Selected Publications

Edmund J. Burke, People's Liberation Army Operational Concepts (RR-A394-1)

Edmund J. Burke, China’s Military Activities in the East China Sea: implications for Japan's Air Self-Defense Force, RAND Corporation (RR-2574-AF)

Edmund J. Burke, China's Grand Strategy: Trends, Trajectories, and Long-Term Competition (RR-2798-A)

Edmund J. Burke, In Line or Out of Order? : China's Approach to ADIZ in Theory and Practice, RAND Corporation (RR-2055-AF)

Edmund J. Burke, Conflict with China Revisited: Prospects, Consequences and Strategies for Deterrence, RAND Corporation (PE-248-A)

Edmund J. Burke, Assessing the Training and Operational Proficiency of China’s Aerospace Forces: Selections from the Inaugural Conference of the China Aerospace Studies Institute (CASI, RAND Corporation (CF-340-AF)