Joanna Carroll is a Research Programmer at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica. While at RAND she has worked on several Aging Center projects, including studies on intergenerational wealth transfers and projects deriving optimal consumption amounts for retirees in the United States. In addition, Carroll has worked with international datasets on projects concerning the relationship of socio-economic standing and health in Mexico and the entrepreneurship of Asian immigrants in the United Kingdom.

Prior to joining RAND, Carroll worked for six years in statistical analysis and programming. At Analytic Innovations, she used SAS/STAT to produce logistic regression models, cluster analyses, factor analyses, and principal component analyses to help focus clients' marketing efforts, and SAS/BASE in a Linux environment to merge and manipulate large transactional and survey-based datasets. Along with her programming work, she presented statistical concepts such as cluster analysis to the client services team to aid in their identification of sales opportunities. At Yesmail, Carroll analyzed individual-level Internet purchase and click-through behavior. In particular, she employed CHAID and nearest/farthest neighbor cluster analyses to determine typical behaviors and customer segments, and used this insight to develop recommendations for increasing client sales and customer retention. This role was a continuation of her analytical and consulting experience as a Business Analyst at Deloitte Consulting in Chicago. Carroll has over twenty years of technical experience in SAS and STATA statistical packages.


B.A. in mathematical methods in the social sciences, Northwestern University; MSc in statistics and social research methods, London School of Economics

Selected Work

  • Bugliari, Delia, Joanna Carroll, Orla Hayden, Jessica Hayes, Michael D. Hurd, Stephen Lee, Regan Main, Colleen M. McCullough, Erik Meijer, Philip Pantoja, and Susann Rohwedder, RAND HRS Longitudinal File 2020 (V1) Documentation: Includes 1992-2020 (Early Release), RAND Corporation (TL-A2097-1-v2), 2023
  • Michael Hurd, Susann Rohwedder, Joanna Carroll, Jessica Hayes, Colleen McCullough, RAND HRS CAMS Data File 2019 (V2) Documentation: Includes 2001-2019 (Final Release), RAND Corporation, 2023
  • Delia Bugliari, Joanna Carroll, Michael D. Hurd, Regan Main, Susann Rohwedder, RAND HRS Family Data File 2018 (V2) Documentation: Includes 1992-2018 (Final Release), RAND Corporation, 2023

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