Joan Chang

Assistant Policy Researcher, RAND, and Ph.D. Candidate, Pardee RAND Graduate School

    Joan Chang is an assistant policy researcher at RAND and doctoral candidate at Pardee RAND Graduate School. Prior to joining RAND, she taught languages in East Asia, studied natural sciences and humanities in the United States, and researched health care in South Asia. Her professional experience includes fieldwork with the UCSF Institute for Global Health Sciences, policy research at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and humanitarian cause advocacy and strategy.

    With formal training in quantitative and qualitative research, she earned certificates in Japan and Taiwan and graduate degrees in the U.S. in health and policy with recognition in Singapore. At RAND she has worked in medicine, technology, sustainability, equity, development, international relations, and the law and ethics, with particular attention to fellow vulnerable populations. Now she works on research for wellness and peace and security and engages in international policy teamwork.


    M.Phil. in public policy analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School; M.S. in global health, UCSF; B.S. in sciences and humanities, UC Berkeley


    English; Japanese; Mandarin; Others

    Selected Work

    • Finucane, Melissa L., Linnea Warren May, and Joan Chang, Assessing Social Equity in Disaster Preparation, Response, and Recovery, RAND Corporation (PT-A1876-1), 2021
    • Bouskill K, Danz M, Meredith LS, Chen C, Chang J, Baxi S, Huynh D, Al Ibrahim H, Motala A, Larkin J, Akinniranye O, Hempel S, "Predictors of Burnout Among U.S. Healthcare Providers: A Systematic Review," BMJ Open, 12, 2022
    • Bouskill, Kathryn E., Marjorie Danz, Lisa S. Meredith, Christine Chen, Joan Chang, Sangita M. Baxi, Dung Huynh, Hamad Al-Ibrahim, Aneesa Motala, Jody Larkin, Goke Akinniranye, and Susanne Hempel, Burnout: Definition, Prevalence, Risk Factors, Prevention, and Interventions Literature Reviews, RAND Corporation (RR-A428-1), 2022
    • Abir, Mahshid, Megan K. Beckett, Wenjing Huang, Hamad Al-Ibrahim, Joan Chang, Florian F. Schmitzberger, Kirstin W. Scott, and Peter S. Hussey, A Comparison of National and International Approaches to COVID-19-Related Measures, RAND Corporation (RR-A438-1), 2021
    • Maglione MA, Chen C, Bialas A, Motala A, Chang J, Akinniranye O, Hempel S, "Combat and Operational Stress Control Interventions and PTSD: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis," Military Medicine, 2021
    • Chang J, Sharma M, Seetharam K, "On Lessons from Science, Technology, and Society," MIT Science Policy Review, 2, 2021
    • Joan Chang, Global Science and Technology Forum, "Evaluating Perceptions of Cardiovascular Disease Risk and Prevention: A Qualitative Study in an Under-Resourced Setting in Rural South India," Proceedings, International Conference on Global Healthcare, 2018
    • Chang J, Taylor RD, Davidson RA, Sharmah A, Guo T, "Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Investigation of Radical Production by Gold Nanoparticles in Aqueous Solutions Under X-ray Irradiation," Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 120(18), 2016

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