John G. Drew

Senior Defense Analyst
Off Site Office


B.S. in project management, American InterContinental Univ


John Drew has over 40 years experience in logistics systems operations, development, and management. He is a retired USAF Chief Master Sergeant with over 27 years of experience in aircraft maintenance and related logistics fields including management, planning, budgeting, aircraft maintenance scheduling and execution. By the time he was officially employed by RAND in 2003, he had already been working with researchers from Project AIR FORCE's Resource Management program for six years. That connection was first made in 1997, when Drew was superintendent of the Aircraft Maintenance and Munitions Division at the Air Force Logistics Management Agency (AFLMA) in Alabama. At RAND he directs and conducts research to evaluate new logistics concepts, procedures, and systems needed to support the projection of aerospace power. He has spent more than a decade working on projects that evaluate how support policy, practice, and technology options impact the effectiveness and efficiency of Air and Space Expeditionary Forces. His recent work includes examining Agile Combat Support force structure postures, and cost-effective readiness solutions. He has also led projects that examine current and future Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) support impacts, and suggested ways to improve enterprise-wide sustainment support of weapons systems. He is well versed in current logistic systems and processes, and has published widely in the fields of logistics and information systems.