Lionel A. Galway

Lionel A. Galway
Adjunct Senior Statistician
Off Site Office


Ph.D. in statistics, Carnegie Mellon University


Lionel Galway is a adjunct senior statistician at RAND.  He received his Ph.D. in statistics at Carnegie Mellon University in 1987, where he also was responsible for statistics department computing facilities and had held positions developing software for computer science instruction. At RAND his interests have included data analysis of complex data and statistical graphics, applied to problems in a variety of areas including data quality, arms control, worker's compensation, education, the environment, military modeling, and mass transit. Galway has led or co-led projects in military logistics, transit maintenance operations, and inventory policy and has worked on numerous other projects across RAND divisions providing statistical expertise.

During his career he also provided short-term statistical consulting across the corporation, and was active in experiments and committees shaping the RAND computing environment and the RAND library. He has taught courses in basic statistics and statistical modeling at the Pardee RAND Graduate School, where he won the Huddleson Award for Professor in a Core Class in 2006.

Recent Projects

  • An Assessment of Cost Risk Methodologies and Policies for the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency Rated Force Utilization and Development
  • Understrength Air Force Specialities
  • Risk Management and Risk Analysis for Complex Projects

Selected Publications

Mahyar Amouzegar, Lionel Galway, Richard Hillestad, and Don Snyder, "Footprint Configuration," Air Force Journal of Logistics, 26(4), 2002

Lionel Galway, Robert S. Tripp, John G. Drew, C. Chris Fair, and Timothy L. Ramey, "Expeditionary airpower: a global infrastructure to support EAF," Air Force Journal of Logistics, 23(2, Summer), 1999

Galway, Lionel A., Quantitative Risk Analysis for Complex Projects: A Critical Review, RAND Corporation (WR-112), 2004

The RAND Corporation, Strategic Appraisal: United States Air and Space Power in the 21st Century, RAND Corporation (MR-1314), 2002

Lionel A. Galway, Developing and Applying Effective Data Graphics: Supply Delays for F-14 Jet Engine Repair Parts, in Public Policy and Statistics: Case Studies from RAND, Spring-Verlag, 2000

Killingsworth, Paul, Lionel A. Galway, Eiichi Kamiya, Brian Nichiporuk, Robert S. Tripp, and James C. Wendt, Flexbasing: Achieving Global Presence for Expeditionary Aerospace Forces, RAND Corporation (MR-1113), 2000

Honors & Awards

  • Huddleson Award for Outstanding Professor, Core Class, Pardee RAND Graduate School