Lennart Heim

Lennart Heim
Associate Information Scientist


M. Sc. in computer engineering, RWTH Aachen; B. Sc. in computer engineering, RWTH Aachen


Lennart Heim is an associate information scientist at RAND. He leads the compute research in the Technology and Security Policy Center within RAND Global and Emerging Risks. His research focuses on the role of compute for advanced AI systems and how compute can be leveraged as an instrument for AI governance, with an emphasis on policy development and security implications. Heim's publications cover the impacts and governance of advanced AI systems and empirical trends in machine learning, such as compute, data, and AI hardware.

He is also an adjunct fellow at the Centre for the Governance of AI (GovAI), a member of the OECD.AI Expert Group on AI Compute and Climate, a pro forecaster at INFER Pub, and an advisor to Epoch, an organization investigating the trajectory of AI. Previously, he worked as a researcher at the Centre for the Governance of AI and as a machine learning researcher at ETH Zürich. He has a background in computer engineering and studied at ETH Zürich and RWTH Aachen University.