Yael Katz

Quantitative Analyst
Santa Monica Office


M.A. in economics, University of Chicago; B.A. in economics, UC Irvine


Yael Katz (she/her) is a quantitative analyst at the RAND Corporation. Katz is an IES WWC certified reviewer. Katz has experience working across multiple disciplines at RAND, such as education, aging, healthcare, and labor. Prior to grad school, she worked for a public finance consulting firm that specialized in using California's Proposition 13 to create special tax districts. Katz also worked at CBRE as a researcher and as a private research assistant for an NBER Postdoctoral Fellow. Prior to joining RAND, she completed her master’s in economics at the University of Chicago, where she wrote her graduate thesis on the effects of food insecurity on educational outcomes. Katz received her B.A. in economics from UC Irvine where she wrote her honors thesis on how Proposition 13 affected California K-12 education financing.