Edmund L. Luzine

Senior Global Policy Analyst
Off Site Office


MBA in finance, economics, and business public policy, University of Rochester; BS in liberal arts, Syracuse University


Edmund L. Luzine, Jr. is a senior global policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. He is the Founder of Adirondack Capital International and Ausable Funds - both focused on the global emerging markets. Prior to founding Adirondack, Luzine was a Vice President at Dresdner Kleinwort Benson North America, LLC (now Commerzbank, AG) where he founded the emerging markets sales, trading and research unit after having worked in the emerging markets division of First Chicago (JP Morgan). He completed a range of sovereign and corporate transactions across Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. He was an Advisor to the World Bank in Sarajevo as part of the team that implemented the post-war reconstruction program, developed a new currency, coordinated privatizations, and developed an Emergency Pilot Credit Program for SME lending in 1998. He is a retired Army reserve special operations intelligence officer and in his last assignment served as a China Country Director for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Other military assignments include duties at the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), EUCOM’s Joint Analysis Center (JAC) at RAF Molesworth, and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). He served in Afghanistan and Iraq during 2002-2003 as a SOF plans officer, and he worked with the State Department as part of the Future of Iraq Work Groups.

Concurrent Non-RAND Positions

Adjunct Professor, Carey School of Business, Johns Hopkins University; Founder, Ausable Funds International, Inc.; CEO, Wytrwal Industries, LLC

Recent Projects

  • Bank Shot: Economic Actions and Reactions During a Conflict with China
  • Support for U.S. Air Force Strategic Master Plan Implementation
  • Technology Acquisition Strategy and Assessment
  • Exploiting Social Media and Operational Data Streams
  • Expert Analysis of FEMA Cost Estimate Development

Selected Publications

Ed Luzine, "Opinion: Is it Time for the Year of the Taiwan Tiger?" Defence Notes/Shepard Media, 2022

Ed Luzine, "Opinion: Indian Ocean – the Dragon’s New Swimming Hole," Defence Notes/Shepard Media, 2021

Edmund L. Luzine ,Jr., "Opinion: China’s Silk Road project – a PLA weapon? ," Defence Notes, Shepard Media, 2018

Edmund L. Luzine, Jr., "Opinion: Korean Peninsula 2021 – positive but with storm clouds," Defence Notes, Shepard Media, 2018

, Opinion: China's BeiDou - Friend or Foe in Space, Sea, Air and Land?Defence Notes, Shepard Media, 2019

, Opinion: China, Computer Chips and Supply Chains, Defence Notes, Shepard Media, 2020

, "Opinion: China, Latin America and the Monroe Doctrine," Defence Notes, Shepard Media, 2019


Spanish; German