Giulia Maistrello

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Cambridge Office


M.Sc. in clinical psychology, University of Padua (Università degli Studi di Padova); B.Sc. in cognitive science and psychobiology, University of Padua (Università degli Studi di Padova)


Giulia Maistrello (she/her) is an analyst at RAND Europe, focusing on the area of health and wellbeing. She has worked on projects relating to healthcare improvement, health services evaluation, and occupational safety and health. 

During her time at RAND, Maistrello has been working in close collaboration with The Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute (THIS Institute) at the University of Cambridge, focusing on projects related to healthcare improvement, such as the Avoiding Brain Injury in Childbirth (ABC) programme, which aims to develop a nationally agreed approach for monitoring and response to fetal wellbeing during labour.

Most recently, she has been involved in a project investigating the role and use of evidence in the field of occupational safety and health. 

Prior to joining RAND Europe, Maistrello worked as a research assistant at the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. 

Recent Projects

  • Occupational Safety and Health – understanding decision making and the role of evidence
  • Avoiding Brain Injury in Childbirth (ABC) programme
  • AI Multi Agency Advice Service (MAAS) evaluation
  • Calculating the societal burden of insomnia

Selected Publications

Ventsel, Minna, Emily Pechey, Katie De-loyde, Mark Pilling, Richard Morris, Giulia Maistrello, Hisham Ziauddeen, Theresa Marteau, Gareth J. Hollands, and Paul Fletcher, "Health warning labels modify implicit and explicit responses to snack foods through model-free and model-based changes in motivation," Appetite, 2022 (forthcoming)


English; Italian


  • Report

    The role of evidence in occupational safety and health

    This study aimed to explore and identify globally: (i) what types of evidence are produced, shared and used, and by whom, and (ii) how OSH decisions are informed and the role evidence plays in this process.

    Nov 23, 2022