William Marcellino

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Behavioral and Social Scientist; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Washington Office


Ph.D. in rhetoric, Carnegie Mellon University

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Bill Marcellino is a social and behavioral scientist at the RAND Corporation and a professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. He was trained as a sociolinguist and corpus linguist. He has a leading role at RAND in the development of analytic toolsets, including RAND-Lex, RAND's proprietary text analytics suite.  Marcellino specializes in and teaches text analytics methods for big datasets (e.g. social media), as well as qualitative research methods. His research includes information operations, operational security, military behavioral health, and counter-violent extremism/terrorism.  He has also conducted ethnographic fieldwork, including descriptive ethnographies of U.S. Marine officer acculturation, and resilience among U.S. Marines. Marcellino's research approaches can help policy makers and organizational leaders solve sociocultural problems through the application of both big data analytics and qualitative analysis. He has also served as a U.S. Marine tank officer and enlisted rifleman. Marcellino received his Ph.D. in rhetoric from Carnegie Mellon University.

Pardee RAND Graduate School Courses

Recent Projects

  • Human Domain Analysis in an ISR Environment
  • Sex Offender Behaviors and Risk Factors
  • Analytic and Conceptual Support to MCIOC
  • Defining Hazing in the Armed Forces and Identifying Best Preventive Practices and Effective Responses to Hazing
  • The Role of Social Media in Future Army Operations

Selected Publications

William M. Marcellino, Kim Cragin, Joshua Mendelsohn, Andrew Cady, Madeline Magnuson, and Kathleen Reedy, "Measuring the Popular Resonance of Daesh’s Propaganda," Journal of Strategic Security, 10(1), 2017

William M. Marcellino, "Talk like a Marine: USMC linguistic acculturation and civil-military argument," Discourse Studies, 16(3), 2014

William M. Marcellino, "Revisioning Strategic Communication Through Rhetoric & Discourse Analysis," Joint Forces Quarterly, (76), 2016

Christopher Paul & William M. Marcellino, Dominating Duffer’s Domain: Lessons for the 21st Century Information Operations Practitioner, RAND Corporation (RR-1166), 2016