Paul W. Mayberry

Paul W. Mayberry
Senior Policy Researcher


Ph.D. in quantitative psychology, University of Illinois-Urbana, Champaign


Paul Mayberry is a senior policy researcher based in Washington, DC. His research interests are in the areas of readiness assessment, force structure and its deployment, national military strategy, total force manpower, and military training and education. Before RAND, Mayberry was a Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton leading the Navy/Marine Corps Headquarters business segment. He focused on strategy development and organizational design for a range of government clients, directed policy impacting decision analytics, and conducted program assessments determining resource allocations. In 2001, Mayberry entered public service as the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Readiness). In this role, he developed and oversaw policies, programs, and assessment systems to ensure US armed forces were ready for assigned missions. He advised the Secretary of Defense on troop deployments to Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom as well as led major transformational initiatives related to developing a capabilities-based readiness reporting system and creating transformed joint training environments and capabilities. Previously, Mayberry served in a variety of OSD, Army, and Navy senior policy and analytical roles. Prior to this, Mayberry was a program manager and project director for the Center for Naval Analyses in which he conducted a comprehensive research program focused on force readiness and manpower issues. He completed two field tours as an operations analyst with Navy and Marine forces in Pacific Fleet in which he designed naval fleet exercises and directed analysis teams.

Selected Publications

Hardison, Chaitra M., Paul W. Mayberry, Heather Krull, Claude Messan Setodji, Christina Panis, Rodger Madison, Mark Simpson, Mary Avriette, Mark E. Totten, and Jacqueline Wong, Independent Review of the Army Combat Fitness Test: Summary of Key Findings and Recommendations, RAND Corporation (RR-A1825-1), 2022

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Mayberry, Paul W., William H. Waggy II, and Anthony Lawrence, Producing Joint Qualified Officers: FY 2008 to FY 2017 Trends, RAND Corporation (RR-3105-OSD), 2019

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