Patrick Mills

Photo of Patrick Mills
Senior Operations Researcher
Santa Monica Office


B.A. and M.S. in industrial engineering, Texas Tech


Patrick Mills is a senior operations researcher at RAND's Project AIR FORCE. At RAND, Mills has led a range of projects focused on Air Force logistics, basing, posture, Agile Combat Support, and the costs of these. He has developed methodologies and tools focused on Air Force deployment, airfield characteristics, and force sizing and shaping. Some of his recent and current work focuses on operational and support concepts to help the Air Force deploy and employ in more adaptive and agile ways. His work has included projects aimed at the resilience of installations, costs of overseas posture, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the U.S. military distribution system, sustaining the AEF structure, sustaining the Global Positioning System, and estimating manpower requirements for stability operations. He is currently leading a project to enhance the operational resilience of the theater-wide posture of U.S. Air Forces, Europe (USAFE).

Recent Projects

  • Linking Infrastructure Resources to Readiness
  • Cost Analysis of Overseas Basing
  • Agile Combat Support for Adaptive Basing
  • Cost-Effective Readiness: Air Force Sustainment Surge
  • USAFE Operations in Contested, Degraded, or Limited Environments

Selected Publications

Michael Lostumbo, Michael J. McNerney, Eric Peltz, Derek Eaton, Dave Frelinger, Victoria A. Greenfield, John M. Halliday, Patrick H. Mills, Bruce R. Nardulli, Stacie Pettyjohn, Jerry M. Sollinger, Stephen M. Worman, Overseas Basing of U.S. Military Forces: An Assessment of Relative Costs and Strategic Benefits, RAND (RR-201-OSD), 2013

Patrick Mills, James A. Leftwich, Kristin Van Abel, Jason Mastbaum, Estimating Air Force Deployment Requirements for Lean Force Packages: A Methodology and Decision Support Tool Prototype, RAND (RR-1855-AF)

Patrick Mills, Muharrem Mane, Kenneth Kuhn, Anu Narayanan, James D. Powers, Peter Buryk, Jeremy M. Eckhause, John G. Drew, Kristin F. Lynch, Articulating the Effects of Infrastructure Resourcing on Air Force Missions: Competing Approaches to Inform the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System, RAND (RR-1578-AF)

Patrick H. Mills, John G. Drew, John A Ausink, Daniel M. Romano, Rachel Costello, Balancing Agile Combat Support Manpower to Better Meet the Future Security Environment, RAND (RR-337-AF), 2014

Patrick Mills, Sarah A. Nowak, Peter Buryk, John G. Drew, Christopher Guo, Raffaele Vardavas, Increasing Cost-Effective Readiness for the U.S. Air Force by Reducing Supply Chain Variance: Technical Analysis of Flying Hour Program Variance, RAND Corporation (RR-2118), 2018

Honors & Awards

  • 2014 PAF Research Excellence Award, Project AIR FORCE
  • 2012 RAND Bronze Medal Award, RAND