Thao (Liz) Nguyen

Photo of Thao (Liz) Nguyen
Associate Physical Scientist; Affiliate Faculty, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Washington Office


B.S. in chemistry, Lafayette College; Ph. D. in chemistry, University of Maryland, College Park


Thao (Liz) Nguyen is an associate physical scientist at the RAND Corporation with expertise in the area of homeland security, and a member of the Pardee RAND Graduate School faculty. She supported implementation and execution of the Joint Research Council (JRC) at Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Headquarters. Nguyen has facilitated and supported requirements development throughout DHS at an enterprise and component level.  She is an expert in operational requirements with a focus on border security, law enforcement surveillance, and development of DHS strategy and implementation plans. Nguyen is also a certified professional cost estimator focusing on validating estimates of water and electrical infrastructures for the rebuild of Puerto Rico.  Her scientific expertise involves the functionalization, synthesis, fabrication, application, and metrology of inorganic, metallic, and polymer-based nanomaterials. 

Previous Positions

Postdoctoral research associate at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Recent Projects

  • Joint Requirements Council Requirements Analysis Support
  • Analysis of Position Navigation Timing (PNT) Alternatives
  • Expert Analysis of FEMA Cost Estimate Development process and validation for FEMA on Hurricane Maria Remediation/Reconstruction