Ondrej Palicka

Ondrej Palicka

Research Assistant

Ondrej Palicka is a research assistant at RAND Europe working in the areas of defence and security. His research interests include terrorism, extremism, sectarian violence, and disinformation with primary focus on the Middle East. 

Before joining RAND Europe, Palicka worked as an intelligence analyst at Thomson Reuters Special Services International where he combined open-source research with data from a variety of proprietary database to produce analytical reports identifying risks relevant for clients in the financial sector. Prior to that he worked as a crisis scenario designer at Conducttr, utilising the company's in-house software to design and develop crisis exercises covering wide range of areas including terrorism, natural disasters and information operations. As part of his responsibilities, he also delivered trainings to both corporate and military clients.

Palicka holds an M.Litt. degree in Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia security studies from the University of St. Andrews and a B.A. in security and strategic studies from the Masaryk University in Brno. 


M.Litt. in Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia Security Studies, University of St Andrews; B.A. in security and strategic studies, Masaryk University


Czech; English

Selected Work

  • Ondrej Palicka, "Impact of Regime Policies on the Rise of Sectarian Violence: Case of Syria," E-International Relations, 2021

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