Jacob Parakilas is research leader for Defense Strategy, Policy and Capabilities at RAND Europe. Previously, he was the deputy head of the U.S. program at Chatham House, working on issues relating to the US role in the world and foreign perceptions of America. He also worked on the U.S.-UK defense relationship as part of the State Department's Political-Military team at Embassy London. He has also worked as Head of Weapons at Action on Armed Violence, an NGO working on armed violence reduction worldwide, and a team leader at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, working on student visas.
His professional interests are in American foreign policy, the evolution of warfare, the role of technology in war and peace, US politics, the trade in drugs and arms, and US domestic politics; he has written and commented in a variety of publications, taught classes on the ethics of war and peace and strategic aspects of international relations, carried out policy research and written white papers and spoken to academic, professional, military and general-interest audiences.
He completed a Ph.D. in international relations at the London School of Economics focusing on drug violence in Mexico and a Master's in Middle East and Central Asian security issues at the University of St Andrews.


Ph.D. in international relations, London School of Economics and Political Science; M.Litt. in Middle East and Central Asian Security Studies, University of St Andrews; B.A. in international relations, Hampshire College