Kerry Reynolds

Kerry Reynolds

Senior Behavioral/Social Scientist; Professor of Policy Analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School

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Kerry Reynolds (she/her) is a senior behavioral/social scientist at RAND with mixed methods expertise in healthcare research, a professor of policy analysis at the Pardee RAND Graduate School, and interim director of the schools' On-the-Job Training program. Her primary work is focused on patient experience in medical settings, with additional work related to adjustment to chronic illness, collaborative care, medical decisionmaking, health care systems coordination, health care transitions, and eHealth. She has more than 15 years of experience conducting stakeholder-informed research in health care, including a wide range of stakeholder communities: patients, caregivers, clinicians, and health care administrators. These research activities have included a wide range of research techniques, including exploratory focus groups, qualitative interviews, cognitive interviews, measure development, large scale survey research, and many forms of stakeholder engagement, (e.g., patient and family advisory boards, individual engagement and patient partnership, stakeholder collaborative prioritization exercises, etc.). Reynolds is an experienced leader of large implementation projects and is an experienced mentor and advisor. She holds a Ph.D. in health/social psychology from Carnegie Mellon University.


Ph.D. in health/social psychology, Carnegie Mellon University; B.A. in psychology, Colgate University

Selected Work

  • Timbie, J.W., Reynolds, K.A., Evans, E.L., Brown, D.S., Cohen, J.W., Darien, G., DeVoe, J.E., Grosse, S.D., Holve, E., Meltzer, D.O., Meritt, J.G., Neumann, P.J., Yabroff, K.R., Smith, S.R., "Advancing Data Capacity for Economic Outcomes in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research: Challenges & Opportunities. ," Medical Care
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  • Quigley, D. D., Reynolds, K. Dellva, S., & Anhang-Price, R., "Examining the business case for patient-centered care: A systematic review," Journal of Healthcare Management, 66(3), 2021
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  • Helgeson, V.S., Reynolds, K.A., Snyder, P.R., Palladino, D.K., Becker, D.J., Siminerio, L., Escobar, O., "Characterizing the transition from paediatric to adult care among emerging adults with Type 1 diabetes.," Diabetic Medicine (forthcoming)
  • Schultz, Dana, Kerry Reynolds, Lisa Sontag-Padilla, Susan L. Lovejoy, Ray Firth, and Harold Alan Pincus, Transforming Systems for Parental Depression and Early Childhood Developmental Delays: Findings and Lessons Learned from the Helping Families Raise Healthy Children Initiative, RAND Corporation (RR-122-CCBHO), 2013
  • Schultz, Dana, Kerry Reynolds, Lisa Sontag-Padilla, Susan L. Lovejoy, Ray Firth, Patricia Schake, Jilan Hawk, Sue Killmeyer, Erin Troup, Michele Myers-Cepicka, and Melva Perich, A Toolkit for Implementing Parental Depression Screening, Referral, and Treatment Across Systems, RAND Corporation (TL-102-CCBHO), 2012

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