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Children who suffer from poor physical or mental health face numerous challenges as they develop, and these difficulties often worsen over time. RAND researchers study a wide variety of child health issues, including access to and quality of medical care, exposure to violence and trauma, childhood obesity, substance use, and more.

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    Journal Article

    Child Vaccines Have Low Risk of Harmful Side Effects

    Jul 2, 2014

    Concerns about vaccine safety have led some parents to decline recommended vaccination of their children, leading to the resurgence of diseases. Harmful side effects are extremely rare and must be weighed against the protective benefits that vaccines provide.

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    Journal Article

    Differences in Home- and Community-Based Services Waivers for Children with Autism

    Jun 23, 2015

    Though increasingly common, Medicaid waivers that enable home- and community-based services for children with autism spectrum disorders vary widely in terms of the specific disorders they target and the services they cover, and little is known about the characteristics of programs that improve access to care and clinical outcomes.

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