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Children who suffer from poor physical or mental health face numerous challenges as they develop, and these difficulties often worsen over time. RAND researchers study a wide variety of child health issues, including access to and quality of medical care, exposure to violence and trauma, childhood obesity, substance use, and more.

  • Kid with menu

    Journal Article

    Changes to Kids' Menus May Help Curb Childhood Obesity

    Dec 5, 2016

    Most kids' menu items at the top 200 U.S. restaurant chains exceed the calorie counts recommended by nutrition experts. The restaurant industry can embrace calorie guidelines to promote children's health and reduce childhood obesity.

  • Nurse examining infant

    Journal Article

    New Parent Home Visiting Program Reduces Infants' Need for Medical Care

    Dec 15, 2016

    Infants whose families took part in a new parent home visit program were less likely to visit the emergency room and made fewer primary care visits during their first year of life. The program benefited at-risk families and those who had no risk factors.

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