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M.A. and B.A. in international affairs, Johns Hopkins University

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Ambassador (Ret.) Charles Ries is an adjunct senior fellow at the RAND Corporation. His research focuses on the economics of development, trade, transatlantic, and Middle East affairs. Previously, Ries served as vice president, International at RAND (2012–2020).  Earlier, while on a leave of absence from RAND, Ries served as executive vice president of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. Prior to RAND, Ries was a foreign service officer, serving as ambassador to Greece, principal deputy assistant secretary for European Affairs, and in other postings.  At RAND, Ries has led projects on the economic and political effects of Brexit, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and national security decisionmaking, among others.  

During Ries' three decades in the U.S. diplomatic service he served as U.S. ambassador to Greece (2004–2007), and principal deputy assistant secretary of State for European Affairs (2000–2004). Ries oversaw economic sections at U.S. Embassy London and the U.S. Mission to the European Union. He served as deputy assistant U.S. trade representative for North American Affairs and was a member of the NAFTA negotiating team.

Ries is the recipient of the State Department's Cordell Hull Award for Senior Economic Officers, the Distinguished Honor Award, Presidential Meritorious Service Award, the Rockwell Schnabel Award for U.S.-EU Relations, and several Superior Honor Awards. For his service in Iraq, he received the Department of the Army's Outstanding Civilian Service Award. He is a member of the Academy of American Diplomacy. He has an M.A. and B.A. in international studies from Johns Hopkins University. 

Previous Positions

Vice President, International, The RAND Corporation (2012-2020); Coordinator, Economic Transition in Iraq, U.S. Embassy Baghdad (2007-2008); Ambassador of the U.S. to Greece (2004-2007); Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs (2000-2004); Minister for Economic Affairs, U.S. Embassy London (1996-2000); Minister-Counselor for Economic Affairs, U.S. Mission to the European Union (1992-1996); Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for North American Affairs (1990-1992)

Recent Projects

  • After Brexit: Alternate forms of Brexit and their implications for the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States
  • Improving Decisionmaking in a Turbulent World
  • Investing in the Fight: Assessing the Use of CERP in Afghanistan
  • The Costs of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • Building a More Resilient Haitian State

Selected Publications

Charles P. Ries, Improving Decisionmaking in Turbulent World, RAND (PE-192), 2016

Daniel Egel, Charles P. Ries, Ben Connable, Todd C. Helmus, Eric Robinson, Isaac Baruffi, Melissa A. Bradley, Kurt Card, Kathleen Loa, Sean Mann, Fernando Sedano, Stephan B. Seabrook, Robert Stewart, Investing in the Fight: Assessing the Use of the Commanders' Emergency Response Fund in Afghanistan, RAND (RR-1508), 2016

C. Ross Anthony, Charles P. Ries, Daniel Egel, Craig Bond, Andrew Liepman, Jeffrey Martini, Stephen Simon, Shira Efron, Bradley Stein, Lynsay Ayer, Mary Vaiana, The Costs of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, RAND (RR-740-1-DCR), 2015

Richard Brennan, Ending the U.S. War in Iraq: The Final Transition, Operational Maneuver and Disestablishment of United States Forces-Iraq, RAND (RR-232), 2013

Keith Crane, James Dobbins, Laurel E. Miller, Charles P. Ries, et. al,, Building a More Resilient Haitian State, RAND (MG-1039-SRF), 2012

Charles P. Ries, Joseph Jenkins, Oliver Wise, Improving the Energy Performance of Buildings: Learning from the European Union and Australia, RAND (TR-728-RER/BOMA), 2009

Charles P. Ries, Marco Hafner, Troy D. Smith, Frances G. Burwell, Daniel Egel, Eugeniu Han, Martin Stepanek, Howard J. Shatz, After Brexit: Alternate forms of Brexit and their implications for the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States, RAND (RR-2200), 2017

Charles Ries, Marco Hafner, Clement Fays and Erez Yerushalmi, The End of the Beginning: Assessing the potential economic implications of prolonger UK-EU trade policy uncertainty, RAND (RR-4265), 2020

Honors & Awards

  • Outstanding Civilian Service Award, Department of the Army
  • Cordell Hull Award for Economic Achievement, Department of State
  • Distinguished Service Award, Department of State



Recent Media Appearances

Interviews: BBC Radio 4; BBC World Service; Bloomberg News; Bloomberg Television; Business Insider; California Political News and Views; CNBC; E!Sharp; Foreign Policy Association; Fox Business Network; Here and There/Santa Fe Public Radio; Huffington Post Live; Kathimerini Online; KCBS-AM; KNX-AM; Newsy; Sky News; Wisconsin Public Radio

Commentary: FOX News; International Trade News; Newsweek; U.S. News & World Report