Daniel Siconolfi

Photo of Daniel Siconolfi
Associate Behavioral & Social Scientist
Pittsburgh Office


Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University; M.P.H., New York University


Dan Siconolfi is an associate behavioral scientist at the RAND Corporation. His work has focused on health disparities among sexual minority men, with attention to mental health, substance use, and health care. Siconolfi's research has examined the critical developmental periods of adolescence and emerging adulthood, as well as older adulthood, and has incorporated individual, interpersonal, and structural factors that underlie health disparities. His research collaborations at RAND include the integration of behavioral health interventions in community settings, home and community-based services for Medicaid beneficiaries and persons with dementia, formal and informal advance care planning, and the development of patient-centered measures of health status and health care quality. His methodological skills and interests include both quantitative skills (e.g., survey design, cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis, structural equation modeling) and qualitative skills (e.g., interview guide development, individual and group data collection, thematic analysis). Prior to joining RAND, Siconolfi completed an NIMH-funded T32 postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, where he also served as a mentor for the amfAR International HIV Scholars program. Siconolfi received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University.