Jon Sussex

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Chief Economist
Cambridge Office


M.A. in economics, University of Cambridge; M.Sc. in health economics, University of York


Jon Sussex is chief economist at RAND Europe and co-director of the Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research (a collaboration between RAND Europe and the Insitute of Public Health at the University of Cambridge). He has 30 years of experience in research and consultancy in the fields of health and life sciences sector policy and economics in the UK and internationally. He has published on a wide range of topics in these fields, including on options for funding health and social care, the impact of incentives in the NHS, prioritisation, the role of the private sector in tax-funded healthcare, quantifying spillovers and time lags in medical research, and the regulation of medicine prices. Before joining RAND Europe, Sussex was deputy director of the Office of Health Economics (London), a management consultant at Deloitte and Touche, and health economic adviser at HM Treasury.

Concurrent Non-RAND Positions

Co-Director, Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research (CCHSR); Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow, Department of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Cambridge


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    Health Funding—Finally Something We Can Agree On

    At a time when it has become common to think of the UK as a divided society, there are important questions of policy on which a great many people agree. How to fund the ever-growing needs of the NHS and social care is one such area of agreement.

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    Tax Funding of Health and Social Care Internationally: Does Hypothecation Help?

    The case for raising much more money to pay for health care and social care in the United Kingdom over the next few years is strong. Earmarking taxes for public funding of health care or social care is worth consideration.

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    New Options for Funding the NHS and Social Care in the UK: What Can We Learn from International Experiences?

    International experiences show the complexity of policy choices around funding health and social care. What models are most feasible and appropriate to fund the UK's health and social care systems, both among policymakers and the public?

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    Public Funding of Medical Research Pays for Itself

    Public and charity spending on medical research in the UK stimulates the private sector to spend more on R&D, not less. Each pound of public funding leads to an additional 99 pence investment from the private sector.

    Apr 27, 2016 The RAND Blog

  • Research Funding and Economic Growth

    Publicly funded R&D investment is a coherent policy to support long term economic growth. Our only note of caution is about how far and how fast that growth can be delivered because the evidence we have is out of date and skewed towards the experience of just one country, write Jonathan Grant and Jon Sussex.

    Nov 29, 2011 Research Fortnight