Jordan Willcox

Senior Defense Analyst


B.A. in international relations, Connecticut College; M.A. in security studies, Georgetown University


Jordan Willcox is a senior defense analyst at RAND. He has contributed to research and analysis concerning Military & Civilian Communications Networks; The U.S. Civil & Military Space Architecture; the Defense Industrial Base; Electronic Warfare; Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR); and U.S. Army modernization efforts, with a focus on terrestrial indirect fire at all echelons. He also occasionally contributes to work concerning political economy and socio-political contributions to military conflict and capabilities. Before joining RAND, Willcox researched, designed, tested, instantiated, developed scenarios for, and employed simulations of institutional decision-making and of population political, military and cognitive responses to conflict. He is interested the military consequences of technological development, data science, and computational social science.

Selected Publications

Gordon, John IV, Igor Mikolic-Torreira, D. Sean Barnett, Katharina Ley Best, Scott Boston, Dan Madden, Danielle C. Tarraf, and Jordan Willcox, Army Fires Capabilities for 2025 and Beyond, RAND Corporation (RR-2124-A), 2019

Mazarr, Michael J., Astrid Stuth Cevallos, Miranda Priebe, Andrew Radin, Kathleen Reedy, Alexander D. Rothenberg, Julia A. Thompson, and Jordan Willcox, Measuring the Health of the Liberal International Order, RAND Corporation (RR-1994-OSD), 2017

Bonds, Timothy M., James Bonomo, Daniel Gonzales, C. Richard Neu, Samuel Absher, Edward Parker, Spencer Pfeifer, Jennifer Brookes, Julia Brackup, Jordan Willcox, David R. Frelinger, and Anita Szafran, America's 5G Era: Gaining Competitive Advantages While Securing the Country and Its People, RAND Corporation (PE-A435-1), 2021

Triezenberg, Bonnie L., William Shelton, Megan McKernan, Sarah W. Denton, James Dimarogonas, Brian Dolan, Shane Manuel, Gwen Mazzotta, Sydne J. Newberry, Laurinda L. Rohn, Karen Schwindt, Yuliya Shokh, and Jordan Willcox, Improving Integration and Synchronization of Space Acquisition and Fielding, RAND Corporation (RR-A1735-1), 2023