Toward a Unified Multiscale Computational Model of the Human Body’s Immediate Responses to Blast-Related Trauma

The 10th International Department of Defense State-of-the-Science Meeting on Blast Injury

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Join experts from around the world at the 10th International Department of Defense State-of-the-Science Meeting where you can learn from luminaries in the field, forge collaborations, and discuss the latest in the computational modeling of the human body's response to blast trauma.

Event Details

This will be an in-person event.


Tuesday, August 16 & Wednesday, August 17, 2022


9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Eastern


RAND's Pentagon City Office
4th Floor, 1200 South Hayes Street
Arlington, Virginia 22202-5050


Duty uniform (military); Business dress (civilians)

How to Attend

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About the Event

The RAND Corporation and the Blast Injury Research Coordinating Office (BIRCO) invite you to participate in the 10th International State-of-the-Science Meeting on "Toward a Unified Multiscale Computational Model of the Human Body's Immediate Responses to Blast-Related Trauma". This meeting is sponsored by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) and BIRCO.

The State-of-the-Science Meeting (SoSM) will bring together top researchers from across the DoD, other Federal agencies, academia, industry, and the international community to determine what is known, and what is unknown, about this topic of interest. In preparation for the meeting, a review of the scientific literature has been published, describing what computational modeling reveals about the human body's immediate responses to blast trauma and identifying future opportunities to strengthen current understanding. This will be a working meeting, and attendees will be highly encouraged to actively participate and share information and ideas. The meeting will include plenary and poster sessions along with working group discussions. The objectives are to:

  1. Assess the state-of-the-science of unified multi-scale modeling of the human body's responses to blast exposure,
  2. Identify major barriers and knowledge gaps impeding progress in the field, along with opportunities for investment in future research,
  3. Identify additional opportunities for collaborative action (both governmental and public-private) that could accelerate progress, and
  4. Provide recommendations to advance pre-clinical and clinical research, determine key policy gaps, and identify areas to advance product development (prediction, protection, and prevention).

We are seeking military leaders as well as scientists and clinicians from all sectors who are interested in improving outcomes and quality of life for service members. We look forward to hosting a highly diverse group, and we welcome individuals from all career stages, including early-career professionals.


Registration for this event has closed

Attendance Details

Entering the Building

Visitors to RAND's Washington Office will be asked to show valid government-issued photo identification and check in with the Metro Tower security guard at the building lobby. You may then take the elevator to the fourth floor and check in at the RAND reception desk.