RAND Experts Discuss Coming Iranian Elections

In this conference call RAND experts Keith Crane and Alireza Nader discuss the significance of the upcoming Iranian elections with RAND Media Relations Officer Lisa Sodders. Topics include why so few reformist candidates are running for these positions; how reported internet outages in Iran prior to the election might indicate an attempt to pre-empt any reformist protests; and what U.S. policymakers should consider following the election.

Keith Crane is the director of the Environment, Energy, and Economic Development program at RAND Corporation, as well as a professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. He is a co-author of "Iran's Political, Demographic, and Economic Vulnerabilities," and has done extensive work on issues related to China, Iraq, Iran and the Middle East.

Alireza Nader is a senior international policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. His research has focused on Iran's political dynamics, elite decision-making, and Iranian foreign policy. He is a co-author of "Israel and Iran: A Dangerous Rivalry," "Coping with a Nuclearizing Iran," and "Iran's Nuclear Future: Critical U.S. Policy Choices."