A Conversation with Marco Villa

Adviser to the Hyperloop Next-Generation Transportation System

In this June 2014 Distinguished Speakers Series event, Marco Villa, adviser to the Hyperloop next-generation transportation system, joins Bill Welser, research department director of RAND's Engineering and Applied Sciences Department, for a conversation on the Hyperloop next-generation transportation system.

About the Speakers

Marco Villa

Marco Villa is vice president of Space Vehicles Systems at Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems, a founding partner at mv2space, and an adviser on aerospace and high technology at Floyd Associates. Dr. Villa has worked on some of the most advanced and cutting-edge programs in the aerospace industry, from technology demonstration satellites to leading commercial efforts. Through his career, Dr. Villa developed a unique expertise that combines business management, finance, and technical knowledge. As Director of Mission Operations at SpaceX, Dr. Villa was responsible for the missions of the Dragon spacecraft to and from the International Space Station. Since September 2013, Dr. Villa has been an adviser to the Hyperloop next-generation transportation system and its "crowd-design" approach.

William (Bill) Welser IV (moderator) is a senior management systems analyst at the RAND Corporation. He serves as research director of RAND's Engineering and Applied Sciences Department and is a professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. His current and recent projects include evaluating technology and market trends related to space-based sensors and capabilities, designing applications for secure information sharing using beyond state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms and protocols, and space debris mitigation and remediation. In 2004, he was recognized by USAF Space Command with the Arthur S. Flemming Award for Outstanding Achievement in Applied Science.