Strengthening Police-Community Trust

Pittsburgh is one of six sites tapped by the U.S. Department of Justice for a pilot program intended to test police-community relations, strategies, and policies. In this Events @ RAND podcast, Chief of Police Cameron McLay joins Councilman R. Daniel Lavelle and RAND's director of Safety and Justice, Brian Jackson, for a conversation moderated by Fred Thieman, president of the Buhl Foundation and former U.S. attorney for Western Pennsylvania, about why building and maintaining trust between police and the public is critical for the health of American democracy.


Cameron McLay, Police Chief, Pittsburgh

Cameron McLay

Police Chief, Pittsburgh

R. Daniel Lavelle, City Councilman for Pittsburgh's 6th District

R. Daniel Lavelle

City Councilman for Pittsburgh's 6th District

brian jackson , j0088, brian jackson,j0088

Brian Jackson

Director, RAND Safety and Justice Program


Frederick Thieman, Buhl Foundation President

Frederick Thieman

President, The Buhl Foundation