Climate Change: An Issue of Equity


Benjamin Preston, Senior Policy Researcher

I tend to think of climate change as fundamentally being an issue of equity, and there's two big arenas where I think climate change and equity really intersect. So the first of these is simply the consequences of a changing climate are not going to be distributed evenly. We know that low-income marginalized communities of color across the U.S. or around the world bear a disproportionate impact of a changing climate.

But the second issue that we're increasingly concerned about is when we think about responses to a changing climate, whether it's reducing emissions or trying to enhance our resilience, there's potential there as well for low-income marginalized communities to also suffer from those types of interventions if they're not appropriately designed. So we really need to think about equity from beginning to end, about the problem and its origins, but also in how we think about solutions.