Gift from the Korea Foundation Establishes Chair in Korea Policy Studies at RAND Corporation

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January 9, 2018

The RAND Corporation has received a $750,000 gift from the Korea Foundation to establish a chair in Korea policy studies at RAND, commencing in 2018.

The chair, which will last for five years, will support a senior scholar who will manage a research agenda on Korea’s international security and mentor Korea studies scholars. The scholar also will build partnerships with research institutes in Korea to organize symposia, scholar exchange programs and joint research projects.

“We are grateful to the Korea Foundation for this gift, which will enable RAND to continue its long-standing scholarship on challenges to East Asian security and prosperity and to develop new areas of related research,” said Michael D. Rich, RAND president and CEO.

The Korea Foundation has supported RAND research in the past and RAND participates in the Foundation’s Global Challengers internship program by hosting research fellows from Korea annually at RAND. The Korea Foundation chair will reside within the RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy.

“This gift will allow us to significantly expand our connections to leading scholars and research institutions in Korea and, in the process, strengthen and expand our portfolio of projects and intellectual exchanges,” said Rafiq Dossani, director of the RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy.

“We are happy that an organization with the depth and breadth of RAND, with a strong presence on both coasts, especially on the west coast of the United States, has established this chair,” said Sihyung Lee, president of the Korea Foundation. “The Republic of Korea and the United States have numerous common interests and with the establishment of the Chair in Korea Policy Studies at RAND, we will further enable effective joint programs on important regional challenges.”

The mission of The Korea Foundation is to promote better understanding of Korea within the international community and to increase friendship and goodwill between Korea and the rest of the world through various exchange programs.

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