Letter from the Editor

This issue of RAND Health Quarterly includes articles on a variety of topics.

Lynsay Ayer and colleagues developed a preliminary examination of how artificial intelligence–based tools to help identify students at risk for suicide and self-harm are implemented, how stakeholders perceive the effects of the programs, and the programs’ potential benefits and risks.

A team led by Sana Zakaria investigated how forward-looking policies for machine learning and gene editing can be developed in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and the European Union to help manage beneficial use of technology advancements.

Sarah Parkinson and others created an overview of the pathogen surveillance space internationally and the stakeholders involved. They also identified the strengths and weaknesses of different current initiatives, the challenges of pathogen surveillance and how they have been addressed, and how data have been used to inform public health decisionmaking.

Lisa S. Meredith, Ph.D., Editor

RAND Health Quarterly is produced by the RAND Corporation. ISSN 2162-8254.