Measures of Performance for Improving Health Incident Management

A stack of large folders on a desk, one with a label reading 'Incident Management'. Photo by Tashatuvango / Adobe Stock

Photo by Tashatuvango / Adobe Stock

The RAND Corporation (with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has developed a set of low-burden, user-friendly performance measures that health departments and their partners can use to assess and improve public health incident management in their communities.

The measures are designed for use during actual incident responses or realistic exercises. Data are collected via (1) a 15-minute online survey of incident management team members and (2) a short observational protocol that a peer assessor uses to collect data over a 2- to 3-hour period.

A password-protected online toolkit produces easy-to-interpret graphs that can be included in briefings, AARs, memos, and presentations, and that can help improve incident management processes both during and after incidents.

RAND is seeking health departments, emergency management agencies, and others to field-test the measures. If you are interested in field-testing, please contact Christopher Nelson.

More information about the project [PDF]