Since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the U.S. Gulf Coast in 2005, the fate of the people, infrastructure, and economy of Alabama has been the subject of extensive research and discussion. RAND established the Gulf States Policy Institute to provide objective analysis to federal, state, and local leaders in support of evidence-based policymaking and the well-being of communities and individuals throughout Alabama and the greater Gulf States region.

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    Examining the Potential Impact of Alabama's Immigration Law

    Alabama's anti-illegal immigration law is regarded as the strictest in the United States and raises several enforcement challenges for police, schools, and other public service providers such as hospitals. RAND research on the costs and benefits of immigration may prove instructive.

    Feb 27, 2012

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    RAND Gulf States Policy Institute

    Established in December 2005 to support hurricane recovery and long-term economic development, the RAND Gulf States Policy Institute is dedicated to developing informed public policy in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama and a better future for the people who live there.

    Sep 6, 2012

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