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Controlling spending while improving health care access, efficiency, and outcomes is a significant challenge—one that often dominates policy discussions. To help inform decisionmaking, RAND conducts studies that consider all aspects of health care costs, including medical costs, insurance coverage, reimbursement models, and consumer health care expenses.

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    Employers Pay More Than Medicare for Hospital Services in Indiana

    Sep 7, 2017

    Employers paid 3.5 times what Medicare would have paid for the same hospital outpatient services in Indiana — and 2.1 times the Medicare rate for inpatient care. Price transparency nationwide could help employers become better-informed purchasers of health care and stronger advocates for their employees.

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    Costs of Implementing a Large-Scale Opioid and Alcohol Treatment Program

    Oct 20, 2017

    Researchers assessed the costs of implementing the substance use motivation and medication integrated treatment (SUMMIT) program in Los Angeles, using methods that may apply to other large facilities.

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