Multidistrict Litigation

  • Reacquired Volkswagen and Audi diesel cars sit in a desert graveyard near Victorville, California, March 28, 2018, photo by Lucy Nicholson/Reuters


    The Globalization of Mass Civil Litigation: Lessons from the Volkswagen "Clean Diesel" Case

    This report describes the Volkswagen "clean diesel" emission fraud litigation to illustrate the features of global mass litigation and the problems that arise in the resolution of these types of claims across transnational jurisdictions.

    Jun 22, 2021

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    Opioid Litigation: What's New, and What Does It Mean for Future Litigation?

    More than 2,000 plaintiffs have joined the largest civil trial in U.S. history: National Prescription Opiate Litigation (MDL 2804). In this virtual symposium, experts discuss the opioid litigation and its effects on the future of mass litigation.

    Feb 9, 2021

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    Journal Article

    The Public Health Value of Opioid Litigation

    This article proceeds in three parts: discussions of the general goals and role of public health tort litigation, the demonstrated and potential value of opioid litigation to achieve public health goals, and a conclusion.

    Jul 31, 2020

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    Emerging Trends in Compensation for Widespread Losses

    These conference proceedings explore emerging trends in compensation for widespread loss events, including regulators' changing roles, the impact of liens, and claim aggregation.

    Dec 4, 2017

  • Journal Article

    Journal Article

    Group and Aggregate Litigation in the United States

    While a class action such as one brought under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 23 is certainly the most well-known mechanism for aggregating large numbers of similar claims, other approaches include mass joinder of parties, mass consolidation of separate cases, or multidistrict litigation transfer of federal cases from across the country into a single action for pretrial processing; corporate reorganizations under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code; large-scale inventories of clients controlled by a single attorney; government-initiated enforcement actions; and private attorneys general litigation brought on behalf of the general public.

    Dec 31, 2008

  • Report


    Resolving mass toxic torts: myths and realities

    Since the early 1980s, thinking about mass toxic torts has changed dramatically, and a consensus has emerged calling for substantial modifications in traditional court processes to improve the efficiency and equity of the mass claims resolution proce...

    Dec 31, 1988